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How Our Products Work

RFID Blocking Products

How does RFID blocking work?  These days many personal items such as passports, credit cards and more now include RFID chips, an advanced technology allowing the transfer of information without physical contact. Without properly securing these items, information can be easily scanned and taken by electronic pickpockets without the knowledge of the owner. Identity Stronghold has created a line of products to protect against this kind of theft and provide security for your personal information with our Secure Sleeve®, Secure Badgeholder® and Secure Wallet™. 

How RFID Blocking Works

The Identity Stronghold products protect information by creating an RFID shield that blocks the electromagnetic energy needed to power and communicate with RFID items: 

  • Contactless smart cards 
  • Passports
  • Enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs) 
  • TWIC
  • PIV 
  • CAC 
  • Transit cards

Our products include RFID wallets, passport cases, badge holders and more, so any item has a safe and secure RFID blocking solution.

What About Security Mechanisms?

Most contactless smart card systems implement industry-standard security mechanisms, but readers can be modified to access information without authorization, so RFID blocking is essential to total security.

Credit Card Vulnerabilities

Credit card readers can be easily purchased that will read the credit account number, expiration date, and in some cases even the name off your new RFID-enabled credit card. These readers can easily be concealed by electronic pickpockets so that someone could walk through a crowd, ride on a subway, elevator, or other crowded area and steal nearby credit card information without the card holder ever knowing it happened.

The credit card company’s response is that you don't have the 3 digit code so you can't do anything with the information. That is incorrect however, as many telephone order merchants don't ask for the 3 digit code. Also, information scanned from a smart card can be placed on any magnetic stripe card and used to make a purchase as demonstrated in many news videos.

Shop RFID Protection

Whether you are getting ready to travel to another country or your latest credit card has an RFID chip, there’s no reason to leave yourself at risk.  It’s our mission to educate and protect the consumer, so explore our website to learn more about how RFID technology works and find your RFID blocking products today!