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Identity Stronghold Announces Exciting News for Business Owners.

Increase your current business revenue as a Reseller of popular Identity Stronghold RFID Protective Products.

Englewood, FL - This announcement comes as Identity Stronghold announced the opening a retail store in its corporate headquarters. The store’s sales success has been so great that IDSH wants to share the opportunity and expand both retail and internet outlets to assist consumers in finding protection from Electronic Pickpocketing.

According to Walt Augustinowicz, IDSH CEO and Founder, “We started with a couple of ‘realtor-type' roadside signs directing folks to our location in the absolute back of an industrial park. Early on, we set up products on a desk and in a couple of display cabinets”.

“We sold through the Christmas season and did well enough to decide to buy an outdoor boardon the travel path to our industrial park, and sales took off. Now we actually have repeat customers who bring friends in to have them buy protective RFID products as well.”

According to Augustinowicz, RFID product sales have doubled since the installation of the outdoor board, and are showing no indication of slowing down as of today.

“February was our largest sales month, and dang if March didn’t beat February by almost 50%!!

To make the project even more appealing, Augustinowicz says the company has re-configured its reseller program to allow for early entry at lower costs than before.

“In the past, we required an initial product purchase of $1,000 to enter into the Reseller Program and qualify for wholesale pricing. Now, we are reducing that purchase to $250 at the Corporate pricing level. That allows for easier entry, and still provides pricing advantage as the new retailer establishes the line of products in their retail location or on their website.”

“All the reseller has to do to gain the lowest price level, is continue to purchase products at a minimum of $250 every six (6) months until sales totaling $1,000 is attained, and then

the lowest pricing becomes available to the retailer on their next purchase, Reseller Pricing.”

The company offers products in the Secure Wallets, Secure Sleeves and Secure Badgeholder categories to protect cards and credentials with RFID chips.

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