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The Path to
Identity Stronghold Authorized Reseller

Quickly Add A New Revenue Stream to Your Business
Tap Into The Front End of An Emerging Market


· Credit and Debit cards with RFID chips embedded are going to increase dramatically in the next 1-3 years. With this growth comes an opportunity to be a part of the protection of those cards for your friends and neighbors.

· We want to help you capture your share of that market with protective products from the industry founder and #1 brand in RFID protection – Identity Stronghold.

· Identity Stronghold started the RFID protective industry in 2005 by serving the US Government to protect both US Passport Cards and US Permanent Resident Cards.

· Since then, our growth has been phenomenal, adding three (3) kinds of protective Secure Sleeves, over a hundred men’s and ladies Secure Wallets, and almost a dozen different Secure Badgeholders.

Now YOU can be a part of this success.

Here is how the Reseller Introductory program works. It’s been designed to be easy for you.

1. Review pre-selected packages featuring our top selling products, or create your own custom packages. Whichever path you choose, make selections that you believe you can sell, totaling at least $250. That sale will be extended to you at our Corporate/Government pricing, our first level discount. Shipping will apply.

2. Continue to order at least every six (6) months, with a minimum order of $250.

3. When total, uninterrupted sales equal $1,000, Identity Stronghold Authorized Reseller status will be extended, and Reseller pricing made available. Reseller pricing is our lowest price list. (If, on the road to Reseller status, a six (6) month period passes with no sales, the process resets, and begins again with the next order of $250 or more.)

4. Then, maintain that sales level, and continue to grow your sales.

Path to Identity Stronghold Authorized Reseller


6 Mos.

12 Mos.

18 Mos.

24 Mos.

30 Mos.










$ 250

$ 250

$ 250

$ 250

$ 250


$ 250

$ 500

$ 750

$ 1,000

$ 1,250

5. If sales are interrupted during the next year, with a six (6) month period passing without an order of at least $250, pricing reverts back to Corporate/Government until sales volume returns to Reseller levels.


Read through the Press Release/Case Study, see some of our promotional devices, take a look at our displays. Then review the packages of Mens, Ladies, Travel, Mini Wallets and Combinations so you can see the quality and variety of our products.

Visit our website, shop the store. Know that we are first a technology company, building technical solutions into products. We actually started the protection industry for RFID products 10 years ago this year, so we have a very deep understanding of this issue.

Our badge holders and sleeves are approved by the US Government to protect their ID and Access cards (consumer goods like leather wallets, are not allowed to be certified, but you can trust that they carry the same great level of protection.)

Also, review the dozens of videos our owner and CEO Walt Augustinowicz, has participated in with both national and local media like Fox News, CNN, Inside Edition and more. Visit www.youtube.com/waltaugust and look in Playlists for your interests.

Know that our brand has been featured on and generated enormous sales for QVC, with Walt as the Guest Host, over the last three years.

Be a part of this phenomenal national opportunity. Call our Customer Service team, and discuss the next steps. We’re here to assist you, whether it’s at retail or via the internet.



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Identity Stronghold
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Phone: 800.610.2770 U.S. & Canada
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