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Open Letter to Signal Vault and Shark Tank

To our dismay, we learned that Signal Vault, a product that failed our radio frequency lab test over a year ago will premiere on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank Friday night. To ensure there were not any improvements made to the product since the failed test, we ordered the latest version for sale on Amazon this week. We unboxed it and tested it. What we found is that there have been only the slightest improvements made to the Signal Vault product— but it still FAILS. I call on Signal Vault and CEO Chris Gilpin to refund the unsuspecting consumers that have purchased this non-working product since 2013. You can view unboxing and testing videos below.

While the personal security industry, specifically radio frequency technology as relates to both financial and physical-security is unregulated by a specific trade body, we have been fairly effective at self-policing ourselves through scientific research, development and data publication for decades.

As a thought leader and trusted expert that has provided millions of products to the U.S. government and consumers, as well as actively participating in training law enforcement at all levels on these tech-based crimes, it is my obligation to speak up. I challenge other experts to independently test, inline with good practice and standards, the Signal Vault product. Furthermore, I ask that you post your findings. I am even willing to share my email so that you can share them with me at Walt@idstronghold.com. I will compile and repost.

As an entrepreneur and fan of Shark Tank, an awesome show that celebrates entrepreneurism, invention, innovation, and old fashion American risk taking, there needs to be a foundation of business ethics. For those of us who have started our own businesses, and took the challenge, time and expense to design a quality product that does exactly what it says it does, we take offense. We should not be cultivating a culture of slick entrepreneurs who cut in on trends for profit versus problem solving. We should not be celebrating a product that takes advantage of unsuspecting consumers. For future entrepreneurs, you do not want this being the standard. We can only hope “a shark doesn’t get sharked” on this episode and actually invests in Signal Vault. Like you, we will be tuning in.

2014 Signal Vault Test

September 24th, 2015 Signal Vault Test

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