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The Signal - Episode 1

Secure Sleeves from Identity Stronghold can protect both the Credit cards in your wallet and the Passports needed for most international travel. Even US Passport Cards and some Driver’s Licenses need protection. In fact, Identity Stronghold was the first company to protect those valuable credentials when they were first issued.

A favorite of ours is the Secure Wallet for Passports. Not only does it have an easily accessible pocket for your Passport Booklet, there are four (4) more secure pockets for credit cards plus an ID pocket with window.

This makes protecting all your valuables a snap because they’re all in one place. You’re so accustomed to protecting your wallet and its contents. Now your passport is along for the ride.

There are many selections from nylon all the way to Designer series of Secure Passport Wallets and Secure Passport Covers.

Bon Voyage!!

Nylon Passport Wallet Combo