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Major Credit and Debit Card Companies Issuing Cards with Security Risks: Identity Stronghold

Millions Currently Vulnerable to New Form of Easy, Untraceable Identity Theft

Englewood, Fla. Sept. 13, 2010— Major credit card companies have issued millions of cards to Americans containing radio antennae that enable a growing league of identity thieves to steal their personal and financial information from a distance. Identity Stronghold announced today, during the launch of its information campaign to raise awareness about the risks to personal and homeland security posed by the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology embedded in many credit, debit and ID cards.

Identity Stronghold is the industry-leading maker of Secure Sleeve® and Secure Badgeholder® technology used by federal and state governments to protect RFID security badges and ID cards. We are launching this campaign in response to the alarming nationwide emergence of “Card Calling and Sinking,” a form of untraceable identity theft enabled by cards themselves, aand jeopardizing personal and credit card security.

Just like a submarine uses sonar to seek out a ship it’s trying to sink, the criminals send a radio signal or “ping” from a standard checkout contactless card reader purchased online for under $100. The victim’s credit cards’ antennae automatically answer the call by providing their card information. The criminal then uses this card information to make purchases, thereby“sinking the card.”

Agencies such as FAA, TSA, The Departments of State, Defense, Energy and Commerce and even the White House, to name a few, have met a federal mandate to protect ID cards by choosing IDSH’s Secure Sleeves® and Secure Badgeholders® to block unwanted transmissions. The founders of Identity Stronghold are now touring the country and visiting media outlets to inform the American public that their credit and debit cards have the very same vulnerabilities government agencies have already acted to shore up.

“Major credit and debit card companies need to be called out for issuing millions of cards that put people at risk without providing the protection the American public needs and deserves,” said Walt Augustinowicz, Identity Stronghold CEO and founder. “So far, it appears as though they’re reacting to this growing threat by hoping it goes away.”

About Identity Stronghold

Identity Stronghold is the leading provider of RFID security sleeves and badge holders to the U.S. government, and offers a full line of consumer products from card and badge holders, to purses and wallets. Identity Stronghold recognized the need for privacy protection for RFID chipped items and created a new industry in RFID shielding protection in 2005. Identity Stronghold products are approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to effectively prevent reading of contactless smartcards and passports. Visit them at http://www.idstronghold.com/