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Identity Stronghold Products Featured Prominently in the Movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still”

Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder® featured in The Day the Earth Stood Still
(Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Fox Movies)

Identity Stronghold (www.IDstronghold.com), the leader in RFID theft identity protection, had several prominent shots of its security products featured in the movie, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, produced by 20th Century Fox.

The RFID blocking badge holders used in the movie are commonly used by the United States Government to protect the identity of employees from identity RFID theft, a real possibility for anyone using a RFID card to access entry to their place of business.

“It makes sense to have the Identity Stronghold products featured in the movie to bring a level of realism to the story. NASA, the Office of the President and hundreds of other government and private entities from the US and abroad use the badge holders everyday,” said Eric Buffkin, CEO of Identity Stronghold.

Besides being the most functional of the RFID identity protection devices, Eric believes the other reason for the selection is the design and appealing style of the badge holders. “We were very focused on producing a product that was functional but looked great as well. ID badge holders are a part of many peoples everyday attire in business today and it is important to employees to feel secure as be comfortable wearing them,” said Eric. Identity Stronghold partners with ROBRADY design of Sarasota, Florida, to create its entire line of products.

Identity Stronghold product shielding characteristics have been tested and approved for government use by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but they are not just for RFID badges. Passports and credit cards are among the items that contain RFID chips. People carry these items everyday not knowing that RFID items can be accessed from a distance by anyone carrying a scanning device. Consumers who are concerned about identity theft are encouraged to research their personal risks by accounting for all RFID items in their possession and protecting them with the best passport sleeves in the market created by Identity Stronghold. Consumers should also work with their employers to encourage them to provide badge protectors to prevent identity RFID theft and prevent unauthorized access to their place of business.

About Identity Stronghold
Identity Stronghold (www.IDstronghold.com), based in Sarasota, Florida, is a leader in personal identity protection and is the leading choice of consumers, government agencies and corporations interested in the security of individuals and the security of buildings and property from intrusion.

About ROBRADY design
ROBRADY design (www.robrady.com) is a globally recognized product design and development studio based in Sarasota, Florida. ROBRADY serves a multinational client base that covers transportation, consumer, marine, medical, industrial and military markets. Capabilities include market research, industrial and mechanical design, engineering, rapid prototyping, graphics / packaging / brand / User Interface / web and eCommerce design with overall program and business management.