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Identity Stronghold Protects One Millionth Contactless Smart Card

Importance of protection against identity theft increasing, demand for Identity Stronghold solutions grows.

Identity Stronghold (www.IDstronghold.com) in its fight against credit card identity theft has shipped its one-millionth contactless smart card security product in June of 2008. Identity Stronghold’s credit card and protection against identity theft device is one product in a line of simple to use and effective identity protection devices for consumers as well as corporate and government entities.

Identity theft is on the rise globally, with 8.4 million US adults falling victim to identity theft in 2007 at a total cost of $49.3 billion, according to a report from Javelin Strategy and Research, released in February of 2007.

Besides shielding the RFID chip found in over 50 million credit cards from identity thieves, Identity Stronghold products protect Passports, ID cards, transit cards, drivers licenses and RFID entry badges. Many consumers and businesses are not aware of the risks associated with newer ID technology. Given the right equipment, the identity of any individual can be acquired from a distance using radio frequency. The thief can then produce an RFID card on the spot to gain access to a secure building or using the information, which often includes social security numbers, unique ID numbers or credit card account numbers, they can produce any number of identity products to steal the individuals identity.

Beginning in 2006, the US and other governments began to distribute passports containing RFID chips to applicants. Without a protective device such as the offering provided by Identity Stronghold, new passport holders risk identity theft.

In 2007, TruTV (formerly CourtTV) aired an episode of “Tiger Team”, which demonstrated a simple inexpensive Secure Sleeve® from Identity Stronghold could have prevented a multimillion dollar jewelry heist. Tiger Team is a grouped of security experts that are hired to infiltrate organizations with the objective of testing their weaknesses to electronic, psychological, tactical, and physical threats

Walt Augustinowicz, the Founder and COO of Identity Stronghold said, “we are excited about the growth we have experienced recently and believe we are making a direct impact in the downward trend of identity thefts in the US. We believe we have been successful over other solutions due to the reliability of our technical solutions and the ease of use of our products, created by ROBRADY design.”