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SMART-PAC Tactical with Classic Badgeholder

When soldiers in the field consult with us on product development, great products emerge for the battlefield.

The SMART-PAC Tactical badge protector combines the FIPS approved protection of our Secure Badgeholders, which you seek for your Government credentials like PIVs and CACs, and Passport Cards, in a battle-ready credential holder.

Price Range:   $21.20
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SMART-PAC Tactical Benefits and Features

•   It’s rugged design and manufacture from high quality ballistic nylon extends its mission life and gives its owner confidence.  In the field, trust and confidence are everything.

•   The unique ‘card elevator strap’ presents cards for access or reading with a simple tug.  Then, acts as the ‘security strap’ for the pocket contents.  Stores up to six cards.

•   Velcro on the back and enclosed mating Velcro patch allow the affixing of an easy-to-use Identity Stronghold Classic with ‘squeeze-to-read’ technology.

•   Plastic strap clip has bulldog clip at the end for easy affixing to your uniform or shirt to keep it from swinging.

•   Classic can also be attached with top loop, when drawn thru the holder’s back.

•   Dimensions:  4.25 x 2.875  x 1.25 inch

•   ID Card Badge Holder Weight:  2.48 oz.

SMART-PAC is the second product in our Tactical line.  The first was our Tactical Badgeholder, which uses our Mini Wallet as the base and then makes it ‘rough and tumble ready’.

Choose either and know that they were built with assistance of Active Duty personnel to ensure trust and confidence.

Identity Stronghold is committed to helping you keep your identity safe.

We started the RFID protection industry in 2006. We continue to lead this industry by creatively applying shielding technology to a variety of products that block radio waves and thereby prevent thieves from remotely accessing your private information (including your complete credit and debit account numbers).

Beware of imitations that aren't made by Identity Stronghold. We have tested many of those knock-offs in-house, including some of those hard metal wallets. Many do not shield effectively. In fact, some knock-offs actually include documentation admitting they are not 100% effective.

You can be sure you are protected when you use Identity Stronghold RFID blocking products.

Some older building access cards that operate at 125Khz may not be totally blocked by our Secure Sleeves. Click Here for more information on which cards are vulnerable.

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