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   Very Durable, October 27, 2012  By Michael 
Ive owned my 12 slot wallet for two years and it is still in perfect condition. The leather grain is more visible which makes it more attractive and the stiching is like the day it was purchased. I will purchase another whenever this one wears out. The way this wallet is wearing, it will be quite a while though.
   Great Quality, March 8, 2012  By Chuck (CA)
I purchased this wallet a couple days ago and it arrived today. I was not sure if the quality of the leather would feel cheap or if the wallet would crinkle like I thought it would. I was very surprised to find a very soft leather and no crinkling. Thank You so much for delivering beyond my expectations. Highly recommended.
   Good quality, works as advertized, August 22, 2011  By Andrew (MA)
I purchased one of these wallets shortly after ID Stronghold was featured on Pitchmen. It is constructed of high quality leather, and has developed a good patina over the months without any tearing or other abnormal wear. I have verified that it effectively blocks my Charlie-card and RFID Visa card (I must remove the cards to use them). I have not had occasion to test its effectiveness for my Passport card. The only thing to consider is that a 12-card wallet will be thick, but thats only to be expected.
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