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RFID Wallet Ladies Clutch

This elegant RFID blocking secure wallet women's clutch is shielded to protect you from electronic pick pocketing. It has 13 card slots, plus 4 large shielded areas to accommodate bills, a checkbook, and even a full-size passport book. There are 2 zippered compartments for change or keys. This women's leather checkbook wallet features a snap fastener.

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Price Range:   $39.95
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Product Specifications:

• 13 slots
• Divided billfold
• 2 zippered pouches (interior and exterior)
• Gusseted checkbook pocket
• ID Slot
• Product Dimensions: 8 inches x 4 inches x 1.25"
• Product Weight: 6.8 ounces

Our genuine leather RFID blocking wallets feature the ABSOLUTE BEST RFID shielding on the market.

Every single pocket on every single wallet is entirely shielded individually, locking your personal information safely inside. Thanks to this smart design, even when your wallet is wide open, each card remains protected.

Our RFID wallets will shield all contactless credit and debit cards as well as passport cards, enhanced drivers licenses, transit cards, HID iClass cards, TWIC cards, PIV cards, CAC cards, LincPass cards and others. For best shielding results, the clear ID slot should be limited to one card only.

Identity Stronghold is committed to helping you keep your identity safe.

We started the RFID protection industry in 2006. We continue to lead this industry by creatively applying shielding technology to a variety of products that block radio waves and thereby prevent thieves from remotely accessing your private information (including your complete credit and debit account numbers).

Beware of imitations that aren't made by Identity Stronghold. We have tested many of those knock-offs in-house, including some of those hard metal wallets. Many do not shield effectively. In fact, some knock-offs actually include documentation admitting they are not 100% effective.

You can be sure you are protected when you use Identity Stronghold RFID blocking products.

Some older building access cards that operate at 125Khz may not be totally blocked by our Secure Wallets. Click Here for more information on which cards are vulnerable.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 23 Customer Reviews  
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   Customer Service Excellence, December 29, 2015  By RBybee (Rathdrum, ID)
I recently purchased one of the ladies wallets and was so disappointed when I received it and the card slots were so tight, access to them was difficult and you couldn't put the cards next to one another due to the tightness. I had to use every second slot so that I could access the cards.
Upon contacting the company regarding the difficulties I was experiencing, they immediately worked with me to find a wallet that worked. The wallet I purchased has been discontinued due to the problems and I now have the red RFID Wallet Ladies Clutch. It is PERFECT! Heartfelt thanks go to Nick and the Identity Stronghold team and their excellent customer service. I will certainly pass it on!
   Like the RFID protection, Needs an i.d. thumb opening, June 24, 2014  By Anonymous (Lynn Haven, FL)
I just bought this clutch and the men's wallet albeit 2nd hand in virtually new condition. The wallet is as good in design as my Tignanello checkbook clutch in glove leather. I am pleased with the fact it has enough card slots for me. Big enough to close with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus in it. And still has room for my checkbook, passport, a pen and lip balm. Not the keys though, no biggie. The i.d. slot is matte finish and not very readable unless you're looking straight at it (good in a way since it is i.d. protection). But, to get the i.d. out, is a bit of work because there's no thumb slide slot. So I'm going to have to use my Post-It note removable tab trick. Basically, you attach the Post-It note tab to your license and then side the card in the i.d. window, so you don't have to fight with it to get it out. I'm going to use the sleeves in my Travelon bags which don't have protection. But, these wallets give me peace of mind, especially since my husband and I travel through airports often. Very pleased.
   Safety and Fashion all in one, April 17, 2014  By Anonymous (Studio City, CA)
I picked up one of these while it was on QVC. I've had it and used it daily for the last 10 months. I really like it. It holds all my cards, money, checkbook, dollar bills, etc very well. It is very sturdy, the leather is quality, and surprisingly, it doesn't have any noticeable wear despite the daily grind. Would recommend it to my friends and family (in fact, I already have).
   Fabulous Clutch, July 13, 2013  By Marie (NY)
I bought the clutch in red for our trip to Italy. The quality of the leather, the finishes, and the design were all top-notch. There were plenty of pockets and slots and I was able to carry my passport, Euros and credit cards comfortably. I would highly recommend this clutch - not just for traveling but everyday use.
   Needs a shoulder strap!, February 14, 2013  By Bobby Ann (MT)
I havent gotten this clutch but the reviews sound great. I would buy it in a minute if it had a shoulder strap. Then I could just take it out of my heavy purse into the store and not worry about laying it down and forgetting it.
   peace of mind, January 7, 2013  By Anonymous (PA)
I bought another style of wallet from your company about 1 1/2 years ago to take with me to Europe. It was great but when I got home I realized I needed an RFID wallet with more pockets. I ordered this clutch and have been very happy with it. I keep my checkbook and passport in the wallet and there is still room for everything else. I keep my store/promotion/rewards cards in my cell phone app so I dont have to carry those. I am very happy with my purchase.
   Great wallet, January 4, 2013  By Anonymous 
Love this wallet. Easy to get at all of the cards and cash. I feel really protected. The red is perfect. The only thing I would request is if you could make a womens zip around wallet. My sister really needs one with RFID protection.
   I tested the wallet and it really works!, December 9, 2012  By Jan (OH)
With the rise of Identity theft and having my credit card numbers stolen, I have been seeking some way to protect my credit and identity. I researched the internet and found this brand had great reviews. I recd my wallet yesterday, brought it to work today and tested it with my employee access badge. I buried my badge in my current wallet and the keyless entry read my badge . I placed my badge in all the pockets of this new wallet and my access badge was not read! I am buying all my family one for Christmas gifts! Thank You for this great product; the quality exceeds my expectations! I now have peace of mind!
   Nice looking wallet, November 29, 2012  By Anonymous 
I put my most frequently used credit cards in the top part of the wallet. The slots are deep where it is difficult to identify what the card is without pushing it out a little. Little disappointed in this feature, but will learn to live with it. By the time I got all my reward cards in the wallet, I had difficulty closing and snapping the wallet closed. I am assuming the wallet is stiff because it is new, but hope in time it will soften up and close better. Right now am afraid the snap will eventually break or come off. Glad I do not put my checkbook with my wallet. It would never fit. I use the inside zippered pocket for my change and put larger dollar bills in the space behind it and my single $1 bills in the front. Great access to everything. Overall, if the snap holds, this will be a great wallet. I highly recommend it.
   Excellentt, November 24, 2012  By Fran (NY)
I have this great wallet and it wonderful. It is so confortable and easy to find what you are looking for. It has a great place for your checkbook that nobody sees what you are looking for.
   Just what I needed!, November 22, 2012  By Marti (FL)
I am usually skeptical of ordering things online, however since it didnt have to fit my body or my foot, I decided to give this a try. I simply love it. Well made, very stylish, loved the red. And I feel protected. How about coming up with a shoulder strap purse with this protective feature?
   Well made, August 15, 2012  By Anonymous 
Lots of room. I have two checkbooks in there without the plastic bankbook covers, and actually have plenty of room for cards, for once. No weird smells.
   Great wallet, outside zippered pocket needs improvement, May 4, 2012  By Cynthia (BC)
Everything is great about the wallet except the outside zippered pocket needs 2 winged sides instead of one as my change seems to keep getting stuck in the corner and it is difficult to get it out.
   Superior Service, April 25, 2012  By Tonia (SK)
I recieved my clutch today and was very excited to switch everything over. Unfortunately the zipper to the change compartment on the outside of the clutch broke the first time I tried to zip it shut. I dialed the number for international customers since I live in Canada and was amazed at the fantastic attitude. You just dont come across that kind of service anymore. They immediately said they would mail out a new one, saying they didnt want to put me to an inconvenience of mailing mine back to them. If only more businesses would figure out the importance of this kind of service! Anyway, I love the wallet and am excited to start using it!
   strap needed, March 12, 2012  By Anonymous (YT)
Bought for my wife, she loves it but needs a strap as she does not put this wallet in a purse. An eyelet near the corner would be great.
   Good Buy!, February 29, 2012  By Denise (TX)
I bought this ladies clutch in January and I really like it. I was afraid it would not be big enough for all the stuff that I keep in my wallet but it holds everything I need with the exception of my checkbook. The two negatives to it are that the window for your drivers license does not have a hole in the center of the see through plastic for you to help slide the license out with your finger. So dont push your drivers license all the way in if you want to be able to get it out easily. Also the change pocket is expandable on only one side instead of two. Really does give you peace of mind!
   Classiest wallet I have ever owned, February 12, 2012  By Kristen (UT)
I have had this wallet for 6 months. It is slim and saves me a lot of space in my purse. It is sturdy, attractive, and well constructed. I have all the slots and pockets I could possibly need. Two zippered pockets are also included. This wallet is perfect!
   Love this wallet!, January 10, 2012  By Anonymous 
This wallet has a lot of room!! I was concerned that the card slots would be small but they are roomy. Enough room for my cards, cash, checkbook and still room left over.
   Could be improved, November 30, 2011  By Ellen (TX)
This is a great wallet, but if the change pocket on the outside had expandable sides on both sides, it would be easier to get the change out. That is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.
   Love it but gusset could be deeper, November 13, 2011  By Anonymous 
My husband gave me this clutch. I love it but very much wish the gusset were deeper so that it would be wider from front to back. I like to keep a spare house and car key in the zippered section, along with change. Then if there is anything in the front or back sections, it may not close.
   Good quality wallet, September 20, 2011  By Anonymous 
Solidly made, good quality, comfortable to hold. This wallet allows the user to keep id cards, member cards, & credit cards organized and RFID protected while providing room for an insertable checkbook. The only downside was that the wallet did not include a matching insertable checkbook. Fortunately, I had one from another wallet that I simply transferred to the RFID wallet. It does not match, but I was pleased that it fit into the wallet nicely.
   Love it!, September 1, 2011  By Shirley (IL)
After watching a Fox News segment about the new technology we decided to try these. I got this one and my husband got the tri-fold. We couldnt be happier. I carry my checkbook in the front slot, change is carried in the zippered section and dollar bills in the back section. Plenty of room. The leather is soft and pliable and plenty of room for secure credit cards. Security and beauty in a single wallet!
   Love it but too big, August 20, 2011  By Karen (GA)
I love the looks of this wallet, and its just what Im looking for - cards, paper bills & a place for change. But its too big. If you came out with one that had all these options but was smaller - Id buy!!
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