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RFID Blocking Secure Wallet Italian Leather Bi-Fold 6 slots
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RFID Blocking Secure Wallet Italian Leather Bi-Fold 6 slots RFID Blocking Secure Wallet Italian Leather Bi-Fold 6 slots RFID Blocking Secure Wallet Italian Leather Bi-Fold 6 slots  
RFID Wallet Italian Leather Bi-Fold 6 slots with ID slot
SKU: IDSH7301  

This RFID secure Italian leather wallet will protect against electronic pickpocketing holds up to 6 cards, three on each side of the fold and includes an ID flap. There is a divided billfold area, which is also RFID shielded. This exquisite wallet is made of Italian leather and the lighter top stitching on the outside gives it stunning style. The quality and patina of this Italian leather creates a desire for our Executive Products from the most discerning clientele. A gift that is sure to impress.

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• 6 card slots - Bi-Fold
• Divided billfold
• ID Slot
• Colors Available: Brown
• Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches
• Product Weight: 2.9 ounces

Our genuine leather RFID blocking wallets feature the ABSOLUTE BEST RFID shielding on the market.

Every single pocket on every single wallet is entirely shielded individually, locking your personal information safely inside. Thanks to this smart design, even when your wallet is wide open, each card remains protected.

Our RFID wallets will shield all contactless credit and debit cards as well as passport cards, enhanced drivers licenses, transit cards, HID iClass cards, TWIC cards, PIV cards, CAC cards, LincPass cards and others. For best shielding results, the clear ID slot should be limited to one card only.

Identity Stronghold is committed to helping you keep your identity safe.

We started the RFID protection industry in 2006. We continue to lead this industry by creatively applying shielding technology to a variety of products that block radio waves and thereby prevent thieves from remotely accessing your private information (including your complete credit and debit account numbers).

Beware of imitations that aren't made by Identity Stronghold. We have tested many of those knock-offs in-house, including some of those hard metal wallets. Many do not shield effectively. In fact, some knock-offs actually include documentation admitting they are not 100% effective.

You can be sure you are protected when you use Identity Stronghold RFID blocking products.

Some older building access cards that operate at 125Khz may not be totally blocked by our Secure Wallets.
Click Here for more information on which cards are vulnerable.

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 7 Customer Reviews  
   Perfect!!!, December 15, 2014  By Anonymous (Mcomb, MS)
I purchased for my husband. Quality is very nice. Enough pockets for his card. AAA+
   Great Wallet, November 26, 2013  By Anonymous (Lebanon, PA)
I bought this product over 2 years ago. The wallet is still in good shape. I tested the blocking ability with my RF security badge. With my badge in the wallet it was not readable with the scanners no matter how close they were. I will buy another one when this ones needs to be replaced.
   Exceptional Quality!, November 4, 2013  By Anonymous (Stittsville)
My husband will use a wallet until it literally falls apart. When I insisted on buying him the Identity Stronghold wallet to protect his credit cards, etc., he reluctantly agreed and only because of the RFID scams. Well, he LOVES this wallet. He loves the size (slightly bigger than his last) and is extremely pleased with the quality. He was able to fit all his cards into this new one easily (the old one was stretched beyond recognition from stuffing his cards in), and is so pleased with the way it looks and feels. I have never seen him take to a new wallet like this before. Thank you IDStronghold for offering such wonderful products at very reasonable prices for the quality. JL, Canada
   Genuine Leather RFID Block Wallet, June 19, 2013  By Granville (TX)
I love this wallet! I have had mine for more than 2 yrs and the upkeep of this product is worthy! I am going to buy another - as for the protection, it works, it blocks everything. For the value its totally worth it.
   Very well made., April 21, 2013  By Anonymous 
This wallet has lasted me longer than any other wallet I have had. Not only do I feel secure because of the ID blocker it is durable well constructed and it has protected my ID. My wallet is going one three years old and still holding together. Most wallets have only lasted me 8 months to a year. This one has been the best.
   Easily my favorite wallet ever., November 7, 2012  By Anonymous 
The leather quality and workmanship are excellent. Plenty of room for all my cards, and, since I write SEE I.D. on the back of my credit cards, the flip-out license holder provides a perfect means of displaying my ID quickly and without exposing the other contents.
   Very well made., June 23, 2012  By B 
The quality is superb.

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