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Cell Phone Stronghold Bag
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Cell Phone Stronghold Bag Cell Phone Stronghold Bag Cell Phone Stronghold Bag  

Small Stronghold Bag 5"x6"

SKU: IDSH6001  

Want an untraceable cell phone? Your cell cannot be tracked or traced when in this cell phone shield bag that blocks unwanted communication to and from cell phones.

In Stock:  Yes

Cell Phone Shield Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 6.5 inches 

Why might you want to shield your cell phone? When your cell phone communicates with nearby towers, the signals from three towers can be triangulated to trace the exact location of your phone to within a few feet. Also, it has been shown that hackers can remotely activate the microphone on your cell phone and listen in on private conversations. This means that even when you are not talking on your phone, they can listen to your private face-to-face conversations and listen in on important business meetings.

These two problems can be eliminated by removing the battery from your phone. However, many phones today do not have removable batteries. And simply powering off does not necessarily mean your phone will not transmit. When using the Stronghold Cell Phone Shield Bag, keep in mind, you cannot make or receive phone calls while your phone is shielded. It is a good idea to power off your phone before placing it in the pocket of the Stronghold Cell Phone Shield Bag. Otherwise, your phone will constantly be searching for a signal, and the battery will deplete very rapidly.

When using the Stronghold cell phone sleeve, please be sure to slide your phone into the inside pocket before refastening the hook and loop fastener seal.

NOTE: Due to the difficult nature of shielding active powered transmissions such as cell phones and the wear and tear on the material and seams from daily usage we recommend replacing this product every 6 months of continuous usage or 500 openings or closings.

Cell phone shield fits all common cell phones available today including wider phones such as BlackBerry® smartphones.

First responders can use this bag to ensure proper wireless procedures are kept and that the evidence is protected from potential case killers - after seizure wireless communications.

This is a forensic-grade StrongHold® product made by Paraben not Identity Stronghold.

The Trademark StrongHold® is a registered trademark of Paraben Corporation.

The Trademark BlackBerry® is owned by Research In Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. Identity Stronghold is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited. 

Some older building access cards that operate at 125Khz may not be totally blocked by the Stronghold Cell Phone Shield Bag.  Click Here for more information on which cards are vulnerable.

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 based on 1 Customer Reviews  
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   Excellent product., November 17, 2015  By Mark (Atlanta, GA)
I've used this bag many times with my Android phone. It works flawlessly. However - now that I have an iPhone 6s Plus, it won't fit in this bag. Please make a larger bag!

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