I would like to thank you all for the support that you have given the US ARMY. I really appreciate it. The items/product that we ordered and that was delivered were great. I only have one comment and that is that I wish the product material was a little thicker. Granted I know that they do the job and that is the reason I ordered them, but unlike most consumers we will be using these for our ID cards daily. The wear and tear of them will set in very quickly. I imagine the average military member will use take out and place back in the sleeve at least 20 times a day.” - CPT Matthew Anderson

I could not be more pleased with your response and service....it came so quickly...like the next day in a wonderful envelope in perfect condition... Thank you for your service and for caring about your customers.” - Barbara Solomon

Thank you, I have received all of my items in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Kindest regards.” - Eileen Spears

Go Team IDSH” ~ Léonard

Thanks for your inquiry. Your company's service was excellent. The first time you sent the stuff I did not receive it, but the second time you resent it without charging me (wow was that appreciated) I received it within 2 weeks. It has been a great experience shopping with you and it definitely was not the last time.” Kind Regards - Jorn


I use them all the time” – Vaughneda

This is a great product and very well demonstrated on the video page of your site.” – LSS

Thank you for what you are doing ! ! ! !” – Ben

I feel safer and that is good.” - Anita

100% Satisfied” – Bill

I sent for a wallet and sleeves for my husband and even have ordered as gifts. They may not be a fancy gift item but I know I am making my friends safe!!!!!!!!!!!” - Shirl

So glad I discovered these products. I definitely feel safer in public knowing my wallet and passport are protected.” – Andrea

There were so many items in the package that I ordered that I've been able to share with friends and family. Thanks” – Barbara

Very happy with the product & service and will be recommending you to others. Thanks!” - Debbie Stertz

I think that your company is doing a wonderful job. I had only received half of my order and made a phone call and it was taken care of promptly and the woman on the phone was very pleasant. I have recommended your products to many friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for asking.” -Doreen Royals

I received my order and immediately ordered wallets for two other friends. They love them too!” – Scotty

I am very satisfied with your products - great product at an even better price.” – John

You’re doing a great job and service by keeping us informed about Identity Theft. Thank You.” – Eric

I have talked about your RFID blocking wallets to several friends and I am sure several of them will be checking your website out. Thank you for the great service.” - Jeanine, Grande Prairie Alberta

” Excellent service and great products!! Love the wallets! Thank you!” – Cecilia

I received the product in a timely fashion, and the product was exactly as advertised. I expect that I will be doing business with your company again in the future.” - Jerry Dorfman

Received the product(s) in good shape. I am pleased with the quality.” – Dennis Stave

Hello. Yes I have received my orders and my husband and I are using them. I like them very much. When I go out, I don’t feel paranoid that someone can steal my id and cards even if they're in my purse. Thank you very much.”- Nila Ramirez

Thanks so much for the lovely wallet and purse, they have arrived safe and sound down here in Australia. I am very impressed with the quality and they are going to make wonderful gifts. I plan to purchase more once the silly season settles down. Thanks for great service. Merry Xmas to everyone there” – Donna Thompson

I have now made more than one purchase from you and am very pleased with all of them. Thank you!” – Leslie Blanchard

Thanks. The two billfolds and five envelopes I ordered arrived promptly and in good condition, and have been given as presents. No feedback yet on how they are serving. The billfold I ordered for myself some time back has been satisfactory enough to suggest the gifts.” - Larry Martz

Our experience with Identity Stronghold was amazing. The best customer service we have dealt with. They were on top of our order from the moment it was made; letting us know by phone call and e-mail what was on backorder, etc… great personalized service! And best of all - we LOVE our new wallets. I was worried I would not care for the Stronghold clutch as much as I do my regular clutch. I often carry it alone without my purse, but I love it! It is very good quality and stylish. We have told all our friends about your company and products. We turned to Stronghold when my husband’s debit card was recently compromised and the thief took $1300 out of our checking account before our bank noticed something was wrong. We will always carry a Stronghold wallet and clutch from now on. Thank you!” - Tom and Rhonda Grisak

Yes, I received the product and am putting it to use currently. No issues at all. A pleasant business experience.” – Greg Puchalski

Received the product in great condition. Have ordered and used before. Great product. Thanks” - Thom. Gibb

I was very pleased with the product and the swift delivery of my order. In fact, I ordered some more of these security sleeves for family members. Thanks for the passport sleeves, too. Nice job!!” - Elaine Montgomery

Excellent customer service and wallet works as advertised” – Alan Jaffee

When my order arrived, the credit card sleeves were not in the package. I received a bill an advertisement, in fact 2 advertisements but no sleeves. I called right away and the very nice lady apologized and I had my sleeves in about 3 days later. I was not upset in the least as the customer service was perfect. Mistakes happen and as long as they are corrected with or without an explanation I'm ok with that. You guys have an excellent product and I will remain a customer when needed. Thanks.” – Wilbur Bartels

Love the product! So happy to have your product to protect our id. Referred friends to your company, should have 2 orders already from them. Thank you”- Monika Kowalewski

I live in Australia & the goods arrived as if I had ordered them here in Australia. A very good service. Thank you” – Sharon Gallen

Love your products, and use them daily.” – Sandra Lee

Thank you, i believe that as we progress we will be needing products like these for sure”- Gary Coultas

Kudo's to Cindy and Denise who very swiftly dealt with an issue I had with the product. Couldn't ask for better service from both of them Thanx” – Les James

I still recommended your company to family members.” - Phyllis Carson

Thank you for your product; very pleased with it” – J Morrison

Was victim of ID theft, everyone should own this product. My wife and I love them, they're very well made and comfortable in the pocket.” - Norton Potter

My wife and I are very happy with our new wallets, they are organized very nicely. Thank you.” - Ken Jones

I am sorry, I don't have time right now to fill out a survey. We love the wallets...I am using mine and my husband will be using his. They got to us very fast.Thank you again.” - Barb Malensky

Great service... timely delivery.... nice product... thanks!” - Tom Bradford

I am glad that I found your items. Your survey is fun, but don't really touch my normal response. I am not ecstatic but I aim glad that this simple sleeve can protect what is mine. I gave a couple to friends who had no clue. I also got the pack that included Passport...which I do have, and I am guessing when I renew my passport, that RFID chip will be in that one. I have a FastPass ID for crossing into Canada, does that possibly have a RFID chip? Thanks.” - Lillian Vajda

Hi. I have received my 8 sleeves and two passport sleeves some weeks ago - thank you very much. I am very pleased to be able to protect my cards and passport especially when travelling. I have passed your website address to many people - customers - where I work - and they are pleased to have the information. Many people are not even aware what the symbol means on their credit card - or even that a single swipe or tap can deduct up to $100.00 from their credit card (without their permission - i.e. no pin number or signature is required). My bank does not or will not issue a card without this symbol - I either have a credit card with the symbol or don't have one - is their answer. They told me that the credit card/master card companies have been told to print all cards with this symbol on them. 99% of people I spoke to and gave this information to were very angry, like myself, that the banks have taken away our rights. Thank you again.” - Ms J Morrison”