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ID Stronghold Badgeholder Secure Badgeholder Shielded Armband
ID Stronghold Badgeholder Secure Badgeholder Tactical
ID Stronghold Badgeholder Blue Secure Badgeholder DuoLite NO CLIP
ID Stronghold Lanyard Gunmetal Gray Rhinestone Lanyard

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About Badge Holders

Keep your Access ID Cards and Medical ID Cards protected from cloning.

ID Stronghold offers an extensive selection of badge holders for ID cards of all types – standard, government and military, school Id cards, and more.

Badge holders are an affordable and practical method for protecting, wearing, and displaying ID cards. Available in a variety of material compositions and sizes, badge holders can be attached and worn in many different ways – some are made for use with a lanyard or badge reel, while others function as wallets or attach directly to your clothing by clip. Many offer special features, such as thumb holes and open faces, built-in protection against “skimming” for ID cards encoded with sensitive information.

With so many types of badge holders to choose from, each designed to suit varying applications, it can be overwhelming to narrow your search. Find the perfect badge holder for your facility or event by reviewing the following badge holder categories when choosing a badge holder.

Rigid holders are ideal for access control, proximity, and smart cards. They are made using various rigid polycarbonate materials to offer a higher level of card protection.

Flexible holders are a popular type of badge holder and offer a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Arm band holders are a safe option for industrial and factory workers, or highly active personnel in any line of work, and feature an elastic band for wearing an ID badge on the upper arm.

Select from flexible, leather, and rigid holders, clear or colored with a variety of additional features, including magnetically attached, squeeze to read for easy card scanning, multi-card holding capacity, and arm band badge holders for worker safety. Shop badge holders by style and color to compare features, read customer reviews, and save.