Custom Business Card
The expansion of RFID technology has created several new opportunities for both promotion and protection.
Many consumers are being confronted with the realities of electronic-pick-pocketing as they are given credit and debit cards with RFID chips. News outlet after news outlet tells the story of how "wireless" pick-pocketing of unprotected credit and debit cards can leave consumers feeling helpless.
You can assist in this effort and build a solid brand bonus by providing custom protective products like Secure Sleeves® for Credit and Debit Cards and Secure Wallets™.


Secure Sleeves

Secure Sleeves are an inexpensive way to protect your customers and prospects. Place brand information or even promotional text on the sleeves. Cards with RFID embedded chips are placed in the RFID shielding material sleeves and tucked away in the wallet. Then your brand gets promotional announcements each time the card is pulled from the wallet for use.


Secure Wallets

Custom Leather

Secure Wallets can be used as gifts or incentive awards for new accounts or large accounts. Leather is always a welcomed gift and Secure Wallets from Identity Stronghold say you really care. Each pocket, and every nook and cranny is protected, so that protective sleeves are not needed. Of course, your corporate brand shows off proudly each time the wallet is used.


Secure Badgeholders

Custom Badges


If your offices and facilities are protected using a tap and go card at the door, then much like the consumer card, this convenient access card can be wirelessly cloned and the bad guys don't even have to break in. They just wait for an appropriate time and walk right in with their cloned card.


What could possibly be on their mind?

  • Mischief
  • Theft of supplies or inventories
  • Industrial espionage 
  • Employee conflict

Whatever the unlawful objective, make corporate access more difficult by being sure your system is up to date and can be protected.

If you have a current system with 13.56Mhz SmartCard technology, then our Secure Badgeholders Classic, Duolite and Flex will protect those cards.

If your system uses the 125Khz access card (like and HID Prox Card) then you will need our BloxProx products, like the Classic with BloxProx or the BP Lite (Duolite with BloxProx). We use technological countermeasures to protect these special cards.

Note that our Classics can be given a custom imprint on their back like the samples shown.



Badge reels

Looking for an inexpensive item to give away with your information on-board – consider Badge Reels or Custom Lanyards to deliver that message.

To get started, call today

Call today and speak with one of our sales staff. They are knowledgeable on the threats of RFID and ways that you can either help protect the public or your organization with custom RFID protective products that promote, too!

* Identity Stronghold does not own logos used on custom products.

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