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RFID Wallet Bifold 10 slot

This RFID secure leather wallet will protect against electronic pickpocketing, and hold up to 10 cards, three on each side of the fold, and a leather flap in the middle holds three more cards and has a window slot for ID. These men's wallets have a divided billfold area, which is also RFID shielded. 

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Price Range:   $34.95
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Product Specifications:

• 10 card slots - Bi-Fold
• Divided billfold
• ID Slot
• Product Dimensions: 3.5x 4.5x 0.75"
• Product Weight: 2.7 ounces

Our genuine leather RFID blocking wallets feature the ABSOLUTE BEST RFID shielding on the market.

Every single pocket on every single wallet is entirely shielded individually, locking your personal information safely inside. Thanks to this smart design, even when your wallet is wide open, each card remains protected.

Our RFID wallets will shield all contactless credit and debit cards as well as passport cards, enhanced drivers licenses, transit cards, HID iClass cards, TWIC cards, PIV cards, CAC cards, LincPass cards and others. For best shielding results, the clear ID slot should be limited to one card only.

Identity Stronghold is committed to helping you keep your identity safe.

We started the RFID protection industry in 2006. We continue to lead this industry by creatively applying shielding technology to a variety of products that block radio waves and thereby prevent thieves from remotely accessing your private information (including your complete credit and debit account numbers).

Beware of imitations that aren't made by Identity Stronghold. We have tested many of those knock-offs in-house, including some of those hard metal wallets. Many do not shield effectively. In fact, some knock-offs actually include documentation admitting they are not 100% effective.

You can be sure you are protected when you use Identity Stronghold RFID blocking products.

Some older building access cards that operate at 125Khz may not be totally blocked by our Secure Wallets. Click Here for more information on which cards are vulnerable.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 16 Customer Reviews  
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   Wallet and Passport Holder, March 11, 2017  By Anonymous (Sequim, WA)(Verified)
Received my new wallet along with a new passport holder. The quality is top notch. Also, customer service is excellent, I had a question and phoned the 800 number. The customer service representative was very helpful, she took my order over the phone. I received my order in 2 Days. I have a friend who also will order the same wallet. Needless to say I am very impressed with the product and service provided by the company.
   Staying secure, September 18, 2016  By Anonymous (Webster City, IA)
Excellent wallet, set up very nicely with plenty of card slots.
   Great product!, December 20, 2015  By Anonymous 
Quick shipping, great quality!
   Awesome!!!, January 21, 2015  By Anonymous (Las vegas, NV)
I lived in Las Vegas for two years and had my wallet scanned twice! They got away with 1000$ worth of purchases. I have had this card 2 years now and no problems, haven't been scammed since
   mens 10 slot wallet, July 5, 2014  By Val Kendrick (Matamata NZ)
my husband loves his wallet and when i gave it to him for his birthday with the mini wallet well he was stoked. his other wallet was starting to fall to pieces and it was a good opportunity to get this wallet. well worth the money spent on it. thankyou once again.
I was out of town, stopped in a gas station, while inside a male bumped in to me from behind, he excused himself, I checked my wallet was still intact, I arrived home and a few hours later my bank called me to coniirm credit card purchases 2 totalling $75.00 at 2am, I said was not me, bank declined purchase, cancelled my exsisting credit card and is issung me a new one they told me the guy probably had device to track/scan my credit card while inside my wallet, .. Thats when I went on line and found and ordered this safe and fantastic wallet item number IDSH7005 I have been victim of credit card fraud and identifty theft in the past. .
   A nice wallet with ID protection built in., August 13, 2013  By Jim (NM)
I bought this wallet because it answered my need for ID protection at a reasonable price. Its a nice product, well made of quality leather. Its a little thicker than my previous wallet but its not uncomfortable by any means. I have no hesitation recommending it.
   Great Wallet, July 13, 2013  By Marie (NY)
I bought this wallet for my husband for our trip to Italy. The quality of the leather and the slimness of the design were perfect for him. There were plenty of slots and pockets for Euros and credit cards. He was very happy with the purchase.
   VERY NICE QUALITY, June 4, 2013  By Edward (VA)
I enjoy your wallet very much.
   Great Design and Quality Product!, April 16, 2013  By Jacinto (NY)
I did purchased this wallet few years ago because I was traveling a lot and I was afraid of people at airports. I do still have the wallet and it is on perfect conditions. The wallet is amazing, Love the amount of compartments that are available. Even though it looks big, the wallet feel so comfortable on your back pocket.
   Best Ive Ever Owned, March 21, 2013  By Kenny 
This is the best wallet Ive ever owned. Very good quality and comfort. Very easy to get cards in and out of the slots. I would recommend it to anyone. And the security features are super.
   Best Wallet Ever, November 1, 2012  By Joe (TX)
I got my wallet today as a birthday present from my kids and wife and its absolutely more than I expected, the quality of the leather is outstanding, extremely roomy. I have had loads of best quality wallets in my life this is the best, hands down....oh and on top of that I get the nice feature of RFID blocking on it....Nice job guys !!
   Great Quality!!! Over a year later still looks terrific, June 19, 2012  By Repeat Customer (INT)
I bought this wallet for my husband over a year ago. He is very particular about his wallets and has always chosen 2 fold wallets in the past. Since I wanted a happy Birthday Boy I purchased both the 2 fold and 3 fold to give him the choice. Surprise, he chose the 3 fold for ease of seeing the cards. Our son was happy to have the 2 fold since he has significantly fewer cards. Both these wallets, over a year later, still look great and I note that my husband has such an easy time finding his cards now that they are not doubled up. We couldnt be happier.
   Nice Quality, May 29, 2012  By Anonymous (TX)
Nicely put together with good quality leather. I would like to mention however that the RFID metal mesh does add a little extra thickness to the package. My wallet with 10 cards, DL, and 6 bills is about an inch thick.
   Credit card & Identity Safety concerns!!, March 6, 2012  By Herb (TX)
This billfold is very nice. Soft leather and very well made. It holds the many different cards i carry. Drivers license, credit cards, and Etc. It removes the thought of someone stealing your information on your cards!!!
   Birthday gift was a success!, January 9, 2012  By Anonymous (OK)
Purchased for my brother as a birthday gift. He is a techie/accountant type, so this was right up his alley. This is the 2nd wallet Ive purchased as a gift. Both are great & do not make the aluminum foil noise that I read about regarding similar products on other websites.
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