ID Stronghold

RFID Wallet Slim 6 Slot Tri-Fold with ID in Leather and Nylon

$24.99 + FREE Shipping
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  • ID Stronghold RFID Wallet Slim 6 Slot Tri-Fold with ID

ID Stronghold

RFID Wallet Slim 6 Slot Tri-Fold with ID in Leather and Nylon

$24.99 + FREE Shipping
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SKU: IDSH7031-ltbrn


This slim RFID secure wallet protects against electronic pickpocketing and has 6 credit card slots plus a clear ID slot with thumb hole and a full-length billfold. The card slots face inward so there’s no need to worry about cards slipping out the top of your wallet unnoticed. These men’s RFID wallets are very thin and flexible for a comfortable fit in your pants pocket. The billfold area is also RFID shielded. 

As with all our RFID wallets at ID Stronghold, we build a Faraday cage into every slot, billfold, and compartment, so your information is protected even when your wallet is fully open. This is a feature not found in most other brands. Why buy an RFID wallet if you are not going to get full protection in all the card slots? Most other brands skimp on shielding material or only shield the outer layer. This is like leaving the door open on a bird cage. It isn't very effective. It might pass a cursory test with only one card, but it won't pass a real world test with a full wallet.

Product Specs
  • Genuine Leather Trim and interior with exterior Nylon
  • All slots individually shielded for RFID protection
  • Inward facing slots
  • 6 credit card slots – Trifold
  • Clear ID slot with thumb hole
  • Gift Box Included
  • Product Dimensions: 4.125 x 3.25 x .625”
  • Product Weight: 1.8 oz.


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  • Access Card Notice
  • Prop 65 Warning

Why Testing Our Secure Wallets™ with Your Access Card Is Not a Good Test.

Several customers have reached out to us saying that they have tested their new Secure Wallet with their work access card and the wallet fails to protect the card. Then they become concerned that their new wallet is not performing as it should.

There are many frequencies of RFID. Our Secure Wallets are designed to protect 13.56MHz and above frequencies which is where credit cards, driver's licenses, passport cards, etc. operate. There is still a large number of building access cards that utilize 125Khz.

Our wallets are not designed to protect work access cards in the 125KHz range. It is a much lower frequency. Think of this like being able to hear the loud bass notes coming from a car that has their radio turned way up.

Our Secure Badgeholder® BloxProx™ items, however, are designed specifically to protect your 125Khz HID access cards. Although there are some other brands of 125Khz cards that cannot be protected.

Rest assured, your Secure Wallet is providing the protection your credit cards, driver's licenses, passport cards require as it is supposed to.

If you would like protection for your 125KHz access card, here is the link for the BloxProx products:


This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel which is known in the state of California to cause cancer. For more information visit