There is currently an alarming lack of RFID education out there, and information about the dangers presented by it. Thus, we here at Identity Stronghold have made it our goal to help to educate consumers throughout the U.S. and Canada about RFID protection. You probably don’t know it, but someone within your immediate vicinity could be tracking and stealing valuable information about you, such as your credit card numbers and passport information, all with a simple RFID reader. Yet how are you to know this without in-depth study into this issue? Well, we’ve provided you with all of the information you need to educate yourself on RFID. Currently, there are over 6000 web articles on our company and the RFID education and protection services that we provide. Simply do a simple Google search using the term “Walt Augustinowicz Electronic Pickpocketing” and a wealth of useful information is right at your fingertips.

Campus ID Card Clone Demonstration

Identity Stronghold shows how easy many college campus and police id cards can be stolen

Electronic Pickpocketing Fox News demonstration

In this interview Walt Augustinowicz of Identity Stronghold demonstrates to Fox and Friends how easy it is to steal credit card info wirelessly. They travel to times square and try it out on real folks. The best way to protect yourself is with an Identity Stronghold Secure Wallet which is RFID blocking to prevent this.