You see this question a lot on the web today.  Let us help you answer this question.

In days gone by, the primary worry was from physical pick-pockets bumping into you and actually taking your wallet, or purse snatchers with the quick use of a knife, running past you and cutting the strap to steal your purse.   Did they really just like that Coach bag or that nice leather wallet?  No.  They wanted credit cards, debit cards, cash, and your ID.  Fast forward to modern day.  Thieves can now get much of what they wanted without drawing that kind of attention.  They can pass by you and scan the RFID credit cards, debit cards, and other contactless cards in your wallet and purse without even touching you.  They get your credit card number with expiration date and are long gone, and you won't even know it happened until the strange fraudulent charges start coming in.  

If you read the statements from many card industry representatives, you will see many minimizing statements about electronic pickpocketing, things like: a thief won't get your name, or it is very difficult to clone, or single use security codes, or short read range. Oh, and even the terminology.  Because folks like you have long been concerned about the misuse of RFID signals, the industry people like to call RFID chip technology "contactless" or "NFC".  If you read carefully, none of these statements they make rule out that electronic pickpocketing can happen.  They are just trying to make you feel safe about using your card.  And of course the standard language that if it happens there is zero liability to you.  Just the headaches I guess.  


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Lets analyze a few of their statements.

Contactless cards are difficult to clone -  A thief doesn't actually need to clone your card to use it.  They can simply take the card number and expiration date scanned and use it online.  Or researchers at a university in Texas even did a demo where they could relay your card's information from their cell phone near your wallet to a friends cell phone who made a purchase with it.

The thief won't get your name -  This statement really bothers us as the card industry people know full well the card holder name isn't verified in a credit card authorization.

Single use security codes -  When a contactless or RFID credit or debit card is scanned it typically gives out a unique code that works much like the 3 digit code on the card.  First off, a thief can scan your card multiple times in just a few seconds and get multiple codes they can use.  Second, if they use the card online there are sites out there that never ask for the 3 digit code. Third, when doing a relay like the university demo, the unique code is relayed for each transaction.

And these issues just mentioned are just dealing with credit and debit cards.  What about RFID hotel room keys, park theme passes, subway transit system passes, government ID's and passports.  Millions of these also contain RFID chips.

ID Stronghold recognized there will always be security issues with RFID cards.  So in 2005 we create the world's first line of RFID protection products.  We now make RFID blocking card sleeves,  RFID badge holders, phone blockers, key fob blockers and RFID wallets.  From the start, our intention was to make high quality products with the best protection for about the same price as non-protected products.  The thought being, "why ask consumers to have to weigh the decision of whether to save money or be protected?".  ID Stronghold helps you do both.

Doesn't it make you wonder why people are trying to talk you out of protecting yourself if it costs you about the same for a non-shielded wallet as a shielded wallet?

At Identity Stronghold, we hope you'll make an informed decision based on what the credit card companies are doing, not what they're saying. With an ID Stronghold wallet, the quality and price is comparable to a wallet without protection. Since the prices are about the same, why wouldn't you want the added security? If you're sure that your cards don't have RFID chips in them then an RFID wallet isn't necessary for you. But with more than half the world's EMV cards  already containing RFID technology how long will it be before nearly all your cards have RFID? Will you even know about the change from your current credit card company, or will it just show up on your doorstep and in your wallet that isn't RFID protected?

Remember, when you take a vacation and the hotel room key uses RFID technology, an ID Stronghold wallet will help you make sure you're the only person entering that room, aside from the cleaning crew.

RFID wallets are a necessity in today's world. If you decide you don't need one, we'll be here when you do.