RFID Key Fob relaying theft is getting easier.

Recently the German General Automobile Club (ADAC) tested a Relay Attack, being used by thieves, on 237 vehicles that use keyless technology for locking and unlocking doors and starting the engine. The report found that 230 of them can be tricked into unlocking and starting.

Walt Augustinowicz, the founder of ID Stronghold, has repeatedly warned consumers in news reports that practically all RFID security systems could fail a relay attack.  The relay attack bypasses any encryption key protection and effectively acts like an extension cord between the RFID card and the point of sale or the RFID key fob and the car.

Car thieves can place a long-range reader outside a wall near where you leave your keys, such as a bedside table or kitchen counter, and relay that signal to your car parked in the driveway and open its doors.  This can take just seconds.  Some thieves are using this method to steal personal items left in cars. It is thought that many auto thefts are happening this way as well.  There have been home security videos posted online showing thieves breaking into cars this way.


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