Visa To Issue 100 million RFID cards in 2019
ID Stronghold has been warning consumers for some time that you soon will not be able to just avoid having a contactless RFID credit or debit card in your wallet.  ID Stronghold's efforts with the news media likely pushed back adoption of contactless in the United States for years compared to other countries.  However, I am sorry to say that we are losing the battle to prevent adoption of these dangerous cards, with no off switch, in the United States and worldwide.  Visa has just announced that 2019 is the year for contactless RFID cards to become unbiquitous in your wallet.  They plan on issuing 100 million of these RFID payment cards this year alone and that doesn't even include Mastercard's plans.  You can read the Visa announcement here.  Add your own off switch by using our Secure Wallets and Secure Sleeves®.

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